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AfriKin is a social enterprise that creates cultural connections through artistry and conversations for more cohesive communities.

Lake Worth, United States
Arts, Culture, Humanities
Joined February 18, 2021
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AfriKin is a social enterprise that creates cultural connections through artistry and conversations for more cohesive communities. The term AfriKin® is the fusion of two words — “Africa (the continent) and kinship (a sharing of characteristics and/or origins)”. AfriKin exists in an effort to create opportunities for a positive interchange through thought and action which is sustained by 3 pillars: Academic articulation Creative artistry Cultural industries It is our responsibility to have the vigilance to keep the Afri and the Kin together as we advance as a society. Do not cease to believe that we are not related because we are separated by oceans. We share our Africanness as a basis of kinship. AfriKin emphasizes cultural connection and kinship across ethnic lines. It focuses on engagement and quality of care, rebranding Africa’s image in the west to allow for more strategic partnerships. Why should you care you ask? Because as human beings, one must reject the construct of race as something alien and unhuman and talk about our shared humanity. One must remember that culture is about action. AfriKin presents a form of action and engagement that shows the quality of care for all life on our planet as we bridge the gap between the arts, culture and literacy. AfriKin brands the name of a cohesive, contemporary, and distinctive cultural identity – while the term signifies the platform empowered to revolutionize a new way of being and deliver content inspired by an international community. The concept of AfriKin helps people discover meaning in African/Black cultural heritage and lifestyle. AfriKin helps you place value on your African origin. It places meaning on why you want to recollect and not just be recognized. The development and expansion of AfriKin fuel the motivation for the creation of authentic cultural programming by re-defined global citizens now known as AfriKin. We are thankful to be in existence to lend our efforts toward the enrichment of the human family through the production of content, products and services that contribute toward cultural connection, literacy and self-awareness. The other objective of AfriKin is to create safe spaces where individuals can discover contextual perspectives and useful resources for their own lives and within their communities. AfriKin provides an insightful hub for associations, creatives, interconnected families, companies, collectives and institutions. The programs inform, invigorate, and invest in the participants as we step together in advancement and growth. The transformative effect of art shines as a catalyst for progressive cultural shifts and motivates the evolution of the programming. Afrikin lifts interactive, multi-cultural experiences that highlights art’s full spectrum while celebrating “oneness” in expression. Through these distinct mediums, Afrikin engages our society and showcases the ingrained essence within our collective consciousness – our Afrikin! AfriKin supports a new identity created by a generation of future-focused, global citizens through transcultural exchange, creative programming and positive media. Fundamental values are renewed to share different perspectives on the future as a global society whilst grounded in the deepest roots. Discussion on the necessity of love as a unifying force in communities and in the world is a central theme of focus for AfriKin — love for self and others. The kinship gives courage to remove barriers that creates division and in fostering understanding of differences and respect for humanity. The transformative effect of creative effort/energy on societal progress has been a motivating factor in the development of the programming. African origins binds all together in kinship, stemming from one root geographical source point. Scientists have long concluded that human civilization originated in Africa. It is the acknowledgment of this reality that birthed AfriKin. It is a hope that paves the way to see WHY what is being done is so important.