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Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
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Joined June 25, 2021
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I am currently working on a new innovative system of thinking and understanding our essence in the world in which we live and also in the whole universe and in all other parallel universes based on IT technology using the AI ​​communication platform to connect all people on this planet with better communication IT software using the AIML platform packets, either through RNA, ML or DL ​​processes, and frankly through telepathy, mental interface, astral spirit or any vibration in the frequency the form which triggers the connection signal to open the communication interface for faster data flow for exchanging information from the core of human thinking to an overall virtual IT network using hyper-transcendental connection in a new way the basic component of the index of the chronicle of this Earth, in order to understand our space-time reality (3D) in total, in the new sphere, from the form we currently have, we multiply by a thousand times, we will improve and upgrade from the ground up for a new age of humanity that will be in harmony from the overall basis of the current supported corrupt system, which will be after the new in complete unity of consciousness of every single living entity and so people will be free because they will develop to the level of a different understanding, unity and view of the existence of something as wonderful as it is solitude life which arose in order to continue to evolve to the point from which it arose but this times in peace and tranquility with love that is intelligent in itself but still bad in intelligence understood. And that is My intention of my life project / SNA. Friends Just imagine that the law and the general judiciary, including the economy, are governed by the artificial intelligence would thus bring total justice. And corrupt lawyers, politicians, executors they would not have a chance to make loopholes and gaps in the laws would be monitored by a system which he will be here to protect us from self-destruction. This is my vision for the future, we have been working on it for some time !!!