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All About Nourishment

Women empower women! We provide women with resources to meet their personal and professional goals at a free or affordable price.

Winston-Salem, United States
Joined August 6, 2020
We are ambassadors for women's health and wellness! We serve as an inspiration in all aspects of a woman's life within the mind, body, and soul. This platform is to speak life to women, push their goals, make them aware of their self-worth through Christ utilizing the MOVEMENT. Doing so, creates more love in the world, hopefully limits crime, and adds to the successful rate of minorities proving statistics wrong!​ The movement is designed for women all over the world to be encouraged, learn how to speak life to themselves, tap into their true beauty, self-confidence, and being, not to just exist in this world! The Movement is actually an acronym, which means to Master your Own power, Value yourself, Educate your Mind, Embrace Nourishment, and Thrive! If you want and/or are looking for a sisterhood support system to uplift others and to be uplifted, this is the place to be! We are here to speak life to you and show you who you are and who's you are! You are loved by our father, God.