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An Nisa Hope Center

Domestic Violence, Self-Sufficiency, Education, Outreach, Counseling

Spring, United States
Human Services
Joined August 18, 2020
An-Nisa is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization working to empower, educate, and enrich the community by providing case management, counseling, educational programs, outreach, and the necessary assistance to help our clients regain self-sufficiency. Formed in 2009, An Nisa has worked with thousands of families in crisis. Case Management Assessing and evaluating the client, identifying needs and working with them to create long term viable solutions. Our case managers then guide clients through each step of the identified pathway by using community and organizational resources as needed. This includes but is not limited to helping the client obtain food, housing, furniture, transportation such as cars, employment, education, and other support as needed. Helpline Helpline reps are usually the first point of contact for our clients. They provide information, resources and route callers to the designated team to get the assistance needed. Counseling Our team provides individual therapy, couples therapy, psychiatric services, play therapy, support groups, and psycho-education workshops. Licensed professionals, dedicated to lifting the stigma on mental health and getting rid of negative stereotypes, by educating people about what mental health is. We aim to create awareness that mental health is a science and, in some cases, medical treatment is necessary, just like treating diabetes or heart disease. Financial Assistance A team of experienced caseworkers, who are dedicated to interview and qualify families for temporary financial assistance and basic essentials needs, on a short term basis. Community Engagement & Educational Programs Provides an array of classes and tutoring for both adults and youth. We also offer training and awareness workshops on issues affecting our communities like sexual assault, domestic violence, and more. Starting With Me is a platform engaging and empowering women to succeed, with larger events twice a year. The Annual Women’s Conference addressing issues and providing solutions. iBelong is a youth mentorship program that matches youth or “mentees” with responsible “mentors” who are all young professionals. This program provides youth with mentors who can develop an emotional bond with their mentees, while providing support, guidance, and opportunities to help them succeed in their adult life. Jumpstart Program A program to help single women and guide them to self-sufficiency; this includes but is not limited to: domestic abuse victims, widows, homeless, and women in other crisis situations. The Resource Team researches and provides resources available to our clients. This program utilizes all the branches of An Nisa to uplift our clients and their families.