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We are a team of experienced designers, web engineers, and ”innovators” from France who produce quality products that embrace new technology

Argenteuil, France
Computer Software
Joined April 16, 2021


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Not only Design, Develop, Advice, Maintain, Update, our product is the essence of high technology and understanding of user needs as a partner with many companies in other continents such as: France, USA, Canada and Singapore. Ant-Tech provides useful consulting and technology services for hundreds of small to large companies, build up a network from Europe to United Stated, and across Asia. With 5 years experienced working with partners from different countries across the globe, such as: France, America, Canada, Singapore..., we can understand the diverse needs of clients and satisfy more than expected. Ant-tech believes that technology is the future. So our mission is to create products that not only help organizations, but also meaningful for consumers life, make living more creative and more modern. The process for a project has always been tight from the start, and we understand every step is important. The order of executing a project consists of: 1. DISCOVER: A successful project is when it meets the client’s objectives, and it fits the needs of the end user. And to achieve that, we’ve spent a lot of time researching the insight of the end user to incorporate the goal of the project creatively, make sure what was made is the best. 2. DESIGN: Once a plan has taken a specific direction, it is time for the design to take place. This is a stage that needs to be unified between parties to be able to produce a complete blueprint, to the details designed that will become the final product. 3. DEVELOP: This is where the website is created, with the original plan and design. In Ant-tech, the latest technologies applied and the combination of continuously error- correction will save a lot of time, while also ensuring the stability of the product. 4. DEMONSTRATE: Before launching, Ant-tech will check the stability of the system and give client instructions for how to maintain the system, how to upload content for the website and update content to meet end-user needs. 5. DEPLOY: Eventually the product will be launch. This stage makes us feel more proud than ever, as it’s our wholeheartedness. Receiving compliments on the usefulness, stability and good-looking product from clients is the motivation for us to continue creating value and more innovative products in the future.