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Blueprint Expansion

A new approach to sales recruiting

Nashville, United States
Joined September 24, 2021
We help companies attract, hire, and retain the very best salespeople across the country. We are squarely focused on changing the way organizations align with external recruiters. Acting as a trusted partner and invested extension of internal hiring teams, we deliver vetted, quality candidates with an intentional emphasis on seeking out diverse and non-traditional applicants. Rather than relying on a database pool of resumes, our proven methodology of actively finding great people outside of tech hubs allows us to source previously untapped talent that others often miss. With over 30 years of combined experience in start-ups and publicly traded companies alike, our executives are former sales leaders themselves–serving in a range of business development roles over the course of their careers. Their intimate, first-hand industry knowledge and insight uniquely positions them to lead industry-disrupting approaches to sourcing, that build successful teams, while helping usher in a new era of talent acquisition. We offer the best recruiting services for growth companies in a remote world. We do everything needed to deliver world-class results and adapt as agilely as our clients’ needs do.