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Claymore Operations

Allen, United States
Joined July 30, 2020
Our mentorship program harnesses the wisdom and experience of accomplished mentors for the benefit of our nation’s military. Mentors are selected from volunteer civilians and military veterans who have proven records of setting and accomplishing goals. One civilian and one veteran are paired up and assigned to mentor a participating warfighter, creating a team of three. With this team as the core, we mentor warfighters from early in their military careers until well after discharge, when they have built personal significance. Mentors assist warfighters in their path to significance primarily through direction and connection. Mentor experience and our comprehensive personal development plan are leveraged for general guidance, and warfighters build their post-military support network in advance through mentor connections. Our warfighters aim beyond survival to hit goals that bring personal success, and ultimately, a position of significant contribution in their post-military communities.