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Co-Intelligence Institute

Promoting innovations in collective wisdom, co-creativity & collaborative governance

United States
Research and Public Policy
1-10 employees
Founded: 1996
Joined August 11, 2023
We envision a world that works for all. A world where all human affairs are guided by a wisdom that partners with all life and works for long term, broad benefit. Our mission is to grow collective wisdom and human capacity to work well together and with the natural world. We focus on two key spheres: We promote and foster a wiser democracy based in collective sense-making, co-creativity and collaborative governance. We call this wise democracy. We research and advocate for an intelligence that values wholeness, interconnectedness and co-creativity. We call this co-intelligence. We partner with individuals and organizations to research, network, advocate, and organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in wise democracy and co-intelligence. We share real-life stories and case studies of transformative, co-intelligent approaches to the complex challenges of our time. We create spaces where facilitators, activists, government officials, and community members learn from each other and grow their capacity for collaboration. We promote and develop tools such as pattern languages, group processes, and digital platforms to evoke and engage greater collective wisdom. We foster spaces for transformational learning to shift the underlying paradigms of extraction, and power over dynamics. Our Projects Our projects address the realities of our complex global challenges including cascading climate change and biodiversity crises, the unchecked advance of artificial intelligence, and polarized societies. Current Initiatives Real World Community Learning Calls (showcasing on the ground examples of Co-intelligence) The Wise Democracy Project (3 year project to enable a culture of wise governance) Co-intelligence Elements Card Deck (making the principles of Co-Intelligence accessible) Addressing the Systemic Drivers of Collapse Affiliate Practitioner Network Impact Highlights Thought leadership e.g The Tao of Democracy publication Creating resources to support cultural shifts e.g The Wise Democracy Pattern Language Catalyzing democratic innovation e.g Healthy Democracy / Oregon Citizen Initiative Review Supporting social technologies like Dynamic Facilitation & Polis Transformational convening - Storyfield Conference & Transformational Philanthropy Gathering