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dfoww Incorporated

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Atlanta, United States
Education and Science
Joined June 27, 2020
June 27, 2020 dfoww, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit charity organization located in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to help bridge the literacy achievement challenges that disproportionately impact low income, minority individuals and communities. The literacy services we provide are free to the public. We are in need of volunteers to serve on our Board of Directors (working board). We are in need of editors, technical writers, ESL instructors and English teachers. We are also in need of a Board President and Treasurer Candidates will be required to commit to a minimum of 2 hours per week in fiduciary duties. All duties can be performed remotely. If you are interested in providing assistance to our nonprofit charity organization, you may contact the office of the Executive Director at Please visit our website at Follow us on Twitter @dfoww_edu Follow us on Facebook @dfoww Follow us on Instagram dfoww_edu