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Great • Alfred • Nobel • Gives • Aspiration! Nobel & Laureates' Ideas & Thought Processes!

Virtual, United States
Education and Science
Joined October 22, 2020
Exciting work. Virtual Community Service & Volunteer opportunities available. Multiple opportunities‎. Ongoing. Nobel and Laureates Library. Please email your resume including all your hobbies and interests as a simple Microsoft Word doc. We shall see as to which aspect of the work would be most useful and interesting to you. Nonprofit 501(c)3 org. Ganga Library kindles a fire in you, revealing to you your hidden aspirations, abilities and skills. “I greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with the Ganga Library. I have found my research on some of the most influential people on society of all time very informative. It is not something I would have woken up one day and just 'decided' to do, but I am very grateful that I did.” - Volunteer.