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I grew up in the Midwest into a family that taught me to give my best and develop a good work ethic. This is an attitude I try to take into everything I do as I write for health and wellness websites. Karen Simmons about Twelve years ago I began working part-time with a chiropractor who used multiple alternative treatments. He soon realized he needed a full website. I was able to write much of the material on the site as well as regular blogs and social media posts. This allowed me to gain eight years’ experience writing SEO-friendly material which ranked in the top three positions of Google. Along the way, I decided to add persuasive writing skills to my writing toolbox. So I took the flagship Accelerated Copywriting Course and Blogging Course from AWAI, as well as several other courses in creative writing and editing to hone my expertise. I am a pianist with small hands. Due to the repetitive nature of piano playing, I developed de Quervain’s tenosynovitis. A traditional doctor recommended icing, splinting, resting, and anti-inflammatories. And those things helped—as long as I continued resting. But I wanted to get back to practicing. Short of surgery, I realized those therapies were all traditional medicine had to offer, so I turned to alternative treatments. Several modalities from a chiropractor brought relief—ultrasound, microcurrent stimulation, ART, Kinesiology, and NRT and Functional Medicine with wholesome nutritional supplements. I took Alexander Technique lessons, studied Body Mapping, and attended Feldenkrais ATM classes. I also found piano teachers trained in the Taubman Technique to help. After pursuing these alternative health methods, I have been able to play without pain for several years now! For the past 8 years, I have been a piano instructor at a busy studio. A part of teaching is good communication with parents, which involves writing monthly newsletters and frequent emails to keep them abreast of the upcoming events at the studio. A very enjoyable project for me over the past few years has been writing monthly listening guides to help students at the studio fall in love with classical music. My goal is for them to realize that the classics are not just “dead people” music, but music they can enjoy as well. I have also spent 19 years coaching writing at all levels, from grade school through high school. My students didn’t write once, and it was done. We continued the editing process until they had “A” level work on every project. My journey has taken me down the path that many of your clients and patients are taking—that of seeking alternative forms of pain relief and health improvement. Consequently, I have had the opportunity to do a good bit of writing in both the music field and the alternative health arena. Please contact me to discuss your website needs. I would love to help you build your business through the written word.