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Hapa Resources

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Kampala, Uganda
Community Development
Joined May 2, 2021
Hapa Resources is a social enterprise that engages in community development efforts in the areas of; Community Health, Education and Empowerment. HR works as an intermediary agency to empower communities and is registered as a social enterprise. ​In doing so, HR establishes partnerships aimed at; engaging in development initiatives that have direct linkages to: Community Health; Education; and Community development. Our Mission We work to establish collaborations aimed at active engagement through; practical empowerment and skill-based training opportunities and providing access to tools necessary to enhance livelihood development in informal communities. Values Truth: We believe in working honestly with integrity, partnering for the right reasons, and treating people fairly with mutual respect. Accountability: We are responsible for our decisions and actions with accountability to our stakeholders. Team work: We appreciate complimentary skills towards the delivery of quality services. We believe that through social enterprising, we can engage in order to achieve long-term social outcomes within local communities in the areas of health and education through; capacity-building, social support and promoting sustainable development. It is our belief that communities can be empowered through comprehensive approaches to challenges related to empowerment and development in low-resource communities. Being community-oriented, we offer support to local partners to complete projects that are developed on-ground and implemented by individuals who are socially accountable to the communities that they serve. Our collaborations generate clear ideas, best practice and long-term sustainably through viable projects that unite the concerted efforts and vast experience of seasoned individuals and organizations dedicated to working with developing communities.