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Get guided and motivated by the top leaders from the prestigious FOUNDERS community to help thousands of individuals to start their dream business & make it a successful one. Build your team and be a part of our esteemed community. The pre-launch platform to ONPASSIVE, GoFounders, gives you the privilege to build your team and add to the Founders family. Get guided by the top business leaders across the globe who will show you the right path to success in your life. Get a smooth transition to ONPASSIVE to access the exclusively designed AI business tools. FOR EVERYONE ONPASSIVE distinctly attracts attention as the platform is for everyone, whether you are fresher in the industry or have been into it for years. We have clearly kept in mind that ONPASSIVE is global and has been designed likewise. AI INDUCED There is no better way to implement AI in your business than ONPASSIVE. All our products are meticulously hand-crafted by the experts keeping in mind all your business needs. Get that optimum result, which you have always been looking for with us. HANDS-FREE A uniquely coded plug and play system that is the first of its kind ever built as ONPASSIVE is fully automated. A click of the mouse is all you need to get things going. Get your business going even when you are sleeping or on vacation. Get inspired with the success stories YOU MUST BELIEVE: I believe that we will change the digital market with the new technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a GoFounders member, I can only thank Mr. Ash for his vision and the opportunity he is giving us to be able to believe that it is still worth having hope for a better world. For everyone who joined ONPASSIVE to have a vision and believe that we are making history. YOU ARE IN IT TO WIN. Thank you Mr.Ash and your Team. BRIDGING AI AND BUSINESSES GLOBALLY The world today is running fast. And this rat-race is so competitive that we all want to be ahead of everyone. What if you had 'something' that would boost your growth towards success and give you an upper hand in life without having to do anything? Always wondered about ways to simplify life and work? How about some tools that could do this for your business? Amplify your business gigantically with ONPASSIVE's predictive, intelligent business automation platform. OUR PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Beat the marketing blues with digital advertisements to targeted audience and outsourcing of marketing tasks along with customized crowd-funding, unlimited rotators and funnels, bringing in traffic round the clock, etc Video Conference Video Conferencing Communicate in sound & vision with the team with automated identification of best meeting timings and meeting location based on previous data on attendees, creating rooms and inviting people with a single mouse click VPN The most advanced and the world's most exceptional VPN tool that encrypts your online data to stay entirely secure and unknown on the Internet enable your business to be safe and easy to access from anywhere for the mobility of work with security. Website Builder Build your website without manual code editing using AI-powered website builder that offers enhanced user satisfaction including voice search and other necessary features simply by choosing the options that you want Video Marketing Helps to integrate intriguing videos into the marketing campaigns that helps to grow much faster as this is the best way to boost the overall marketing conversions. Improve overall marketing metrics through increased click-through rates. ConnectMe A platform that helps to be in touch with team or communicate with the target audience without any external disturbance. Remote working made easy with efficient working of meeting all customers demands over conferences. Email Marketing Automated process to nurture target leads through emails and convert them into customers. Access to the best communication channel that helps with customization of the any emailing list with a guaranteed higher conversion rates. Video Chat Communication made easy with the team over an online face-to-face conversation through webcams. A dedicated software for seamless interaction for expansion of business ideas on a one-to-one chat or a one-to-many chat at a single point of time. IP Tracker Gives information on a host name, location, and other info about an IP address, who visited your website, their queries, etc. as you get rendered and recorded data for any IP address for a specific time through designed IPv6 subnets. Calendar Scheduler An automated solution that lets a virtual assistant to schedule multiple and recursive meetings or any important event. It is automated to invite the required people to the meeting and send out action items and daily itineraries Get to know how ONPASSIVE developed and evolved from a Product Suite to a Smart Business Solution (SBS) with AI at the helm, providing a completely automated business platform for everyone.