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Prisca VA Services

Willemstad, Curacao
Legal Services
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I am a virtual assistant who provides support remotely to business owners and top executives, so that they have more time to focus on their core task. I am a well organized, tech-savvy and solution orientated virtual assistant who provides support to micro, small and medium businesses in need of assistance as and when needed. My almost fifteen years background in the AML (Regulatory) Compliance, FATCA, CRS, GDOR and (Corporate) legal fields in various industries proves me to be a capable, adaptable and reliable asset to you. You can also rely on me to assist with the preparation and/or drafting of documents for your company, either for a specific purpose or as standards to be used continuously. I can perform all those time consuming tasks for you at a cost effective rate, which will ad value to your business and build your success. I am reliable, integer, trustworthy and direct in my approach to my work.