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Rosabel Torrellas Hidalgo

Scientific consulting and Translation from English to Spanish

United States
Joined April 2, 2021
UDANA Inc. is a consulting firm founded with the vision to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to create value-added solutions. Our Mission: 1. Scientific Consultanting in Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmacy, Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical, and Functional Foods. 2. Formulation of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and functional foods. 3. Translation of biomedical, chemical, and pharmaceutical documents. 4. Scientific Content Reviewing of Spanish translated biomedical, chemical, and pharmaceutical materials. 5. Drafting of scientific marketing in Spanish. 6. Information Systems Audit service with personnel specialized in security and compliance of information technology systems, comprehensive risk management, and improvement of control systems internal. 7. Offer training courses. 8. We provide all our services in Spanish. For more information visit our websiteb: