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Sudan G oil and gas marketing industry Africa

My names are Sudan Ginimbi I am dealing in oil and gas marketing in Africa I am dealing in the oil and gas marketing industry in Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa
Oil & Energy
Joined January 26, 2021
I have Ben working with an individual company in oil and gas marketing in East Africa because in East Africa in Africa there is a lot of opportunity people will come everything you bring on the market I've been traveling if you are looking for someone to work with I'm here I don't care who you are where you from Either you are from Asia or Europe Africa middle East I work with you I will be truthful to you I don't care business is a business if you want to invest in other countries I can give you an idea because I've been there I've been marketing in a country like Kenya Sudan Tanzania Uganda Burundi and is Somalia Remember 70% of this country they using gas and fuel and oil, My email