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SuperSimpleSoft LLP

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Nagpur, India
Information Technology & Services
Joined May 5, 2021


We specialize in niche systems that involve a deep understanding of the domain, standards, and compliance. With this understanding, we focus on developing complex algorithms and workflows for our clients. Such Algorithm development need a sharp focus on, - System performance optimization - Communication standards like FHIR, DICOM, HL7 - Communication methods like loosely coupled architecture, Message Queues, Client-Cloud communication, IoT, Large number of file uploads/download/sharing. - Limitations and trade-offs of any small or big decision - Configuration design to let user optimize and customize the implemented system - Extendibility and Scalability - Understanding domain-specific formulas, methods, and procedures - Auto Deployment of updates to systems And many other complex scenarios... This working with complexities has made our team perform on edge. They are in constant search of new knowledge, research, understanding, and utilizing new technological advancements.