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#ONEWORLD - Online Volunteering

In our world, humans have been living reckless and ego-driven lives. This careless behavior has led to the destruction of their own habitats, resulting in a tragedy for themselves and all living things. At the end of 2019, a unicellular and almost invisible organism, the Covid-19, made its first appearance, teaching us many things. The most important, perhaps, is that we are all sharing this #OneWorld Here at TGG Foundation, we understand that our problems are global, as are the solutions. It is time to build a new world with Responsible Humans and therefore we are initiating #ONEWORLD, a global program to make the world a better place to live. #ONEWORLD is intended for all those who believe that personal growth must go hand in hand with the development of a sustainable life for all and to those who wish to be part of a global family who stands together to create better opportunities to address our challenges. “A Journey of a Thousand Kilometers Begins with a Single Step” If you want to be part of the change by becoming an Online Volunteer, you can help us in the following activities: 1. Assist Project Heads in Managing their Project Based on your Expertise 2. Copywriting and Content Creation for Social Media Promotion 3. Video Editing, Voice Over, and Scripting We prefer a minimum online volunteering period of 6 months and a dedicated engagement of 8 hours a week to complete one activity successfully. Certificates of Participation are issued to Online Volunteers who have successfully completed one of the above-mentioned activities, contributed to network building through the impact of self-transformation, and supported the fundraising for the TGG’s Center for Sustainable Development. PLEASE NOTE: Participation in any of the activities of the TGG Foundation is subsequent to the submission of the RHM Registration Form and obtainment of a one-time registration number by paying a onetime registration fee of $10. Please make sure you are in perfect alignment with the ethos of TGG Foundation by reading its code of practice.

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