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Trees For the Future Uganda (TREFF)

Community Development
Joined July 16, 2020
Trees for the Future Uganda(TREFF) is a Non-Profit local Organization established in 2013 to address the environmental, agricultural, Social and economic challenges facing farming communities in Uganda. Since then our organization has worked and is working in close collaboration with communities to apply interventions aiming at protection, restoration of degraded lands, increasing productivity from their gardens, enhancing community participation in sustainable land use through agroforestry practices. Our organization through our networks support- farmers to identify values plants including cinnamon, Moringa, sour soap, cashew nuts, castor trees which can contribute not only to their production and value addition but to their nutrition through establishing food hamlets. With our Bamboo bicycle making enterprise, we seek to increase community bamboo growing, improve on quality and quantity of bamboo materials to make better bamboo bicycles, train more youths add and improve on the innovation of bamboo bicycles giving income to bamboo growers and users.