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Uganda Empowers

"Empowering our brothers and sisters toward a better tomorrow"

Community Development
Joined October 26, 2020
UGANDA EMPOWERS is a community based organization that runs prevention activities and provide care for people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS mainly orphans, youth and women. We work in Lwengo district focusing in rural, remote and hard to reach communities where public basic services and resources are scarcely provided. GOAL: To build a Community where people Infected or Affected by HIV/AIDS can have Positive Dreams about the Future. VISION: Envisioning an HIV-free World where there no Stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. OBJECTIVES:  To fight the spread of HIV and supporting persons Infected or Affected by HIV/AIDS.  To empower Orphans and other Vulnerable Children access basic needs including health, shelter and education .  To improve Sustainable Livelihood among women and the youth.  To Conserve the Environment and promote renewable energy. THE PROJECTS WE RUN INCLUDE: 1. Kyawagonya Community Nursery and Primary school. This is a learning center where we enroll children mostly from poverty stricken families and the orphans. 2. Solar Nature. This is an income generating project of Uganda Empowers and this is to mean that whenever we make a solar sale, 30% of profits go to charity work. 3. VSLA (Village Saving and Loaning Associations). These are the self-economic development groups that we develop to involve the women and youth with a target of encouraging them to work hard, save and acquire small loans to increase on their daily or seasonal income. 4, Skills development in the youth. We support the vulnerable youth to acquire hands-on skills like carpentry, hairdressing, tailoring, mechanics and etc. ACTIVITIES WE DO: 1. MDD (Music dance and Drama) This is a unique component of edutainment that we use to mobilize and educate communities and the youth in schools about detailed facts surrounding HIV/AIDS. 2. HIV Counselling and Screening. Here we collaborate with public clinics to conduct community outreach testing of HIV. 3. Home Visiting of people living with HIV to provide support supervision on adherence to treatment, good sanitation, nutrition and etc. 4. Provide boost grants to empower the orphans and the single mothers grow their income. 5. Volunteering at public AIDS drug distribution clinics to support people living with HIV. THANK YOU for offering time to read all this, “Most people affected by AIDS are traumatized with the fear associated with going through long painful periods of illness, leaving behind other family members especially children with almost no support, facing stigma and frustration of not meeting their ambitions. Therefore, in any possible way every one of us should get concerned and contribute to the struggle to prevent HIV/AIDS and support victims of this fact of death.”