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United African Orphans and Widows Foundation

Working to lift poor orphans and widows out of extreme Poverty

Kampala, Uganda
Community Development
Joined September 23, 2020
United African Orphans and Widows Foundation {UAOWF) is a Non-profit organization located in Iganga, Eastern Uganda. UAOWF was established in 2004 by committed leaders to help alleviate the plight of widows and orphans We believe that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents. We also believe that no one should have poorer chances because of their gender, social status, because of the way they were born or where they come from. And so we are dedicated to improving the quality of life of those who are at the margins of society especially orphans and widows. How do we do it? 1. We do this by promoting: 2. Income generation 3. Micro-finance 4. Vocational training 5. Education 6. HIV/AIDS 7. Advocacy and promotion of Human rights Income Generation UAOWF provides locally relevant skills training for both widows and orphans, through which they can make a living. One of our largest and most successful projects is bead making. UAOWF has trained has so far trained close to 100 widows in making beads and weaving and through this business the widows are able to earn some income and support themselves. We export some of our beads to buyers in the US, which has been highly beneficial to the widows. When we export, the widow is paid a fair amount of money and this is much higher than what they earn when they sell locally. Education UAOWF identifies poor and needy orphans and places them in good schools where they acquire quality education. We also run vocational training programs for widows and youths so that they acquire skills for self-reliance. HIV/AIDS UAOWF in partnership with other stakeholders such as Iganga district Health department, PACE and others, conducts community HIV sensitization in Eastern Uganda. Clients receive HIV services and others are referred to other institutions for further case management and other services. We also • Provide skills training to HIV widows and youths to facilitate job acquisition • health care support to widows and orphans with HIV/AIDS • counselling, support and advocacy for widows and orphans with or affected by HIV/AID Microfinance program UAOWF has is running a community-based microfinance model known as Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) as an approach to avail financial services to poor women to enable them save and access small flexible loans which they can invest in developmental activities to improve their economic well being and eventually break out of the generational poverty in which they are entangled. So far 40 groups each having between 25- 36 members have been created and trained in savings, and basic book keeping and entrepreneurship. These groups meet on a weekly basis save money which is the source of loan capital from which they borrow and pay back gradually. Advocacy and Human rights promotion UAOWF actively advocates for the rights of children and widows and intervenes whenever the rights of our target groups have been violated. We have intervened in case of land grabbing, property grabbing, battering, defilement, child neglect meted against our widows and orphans respectively.