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Vortex Trusties

Employing and producing world leaders for a better society

Atlanta, United States
Financial Services
201-500 employees
Founded: 2010
Joined June 15, 2023


Vortex Trusties is an independent recruitment agency that specializes in recruitment, staffing solutions, human resources, and consultations for organizations, multinational firms, and government establishments. Vortex Trusties also provides other services such as job analysis, job evaluation, salary surveys, and career counseling. They have an extensive network of contacts to provide recruitment and staffing solutions. They also offer customized services to meet their clients' specific requirements. Our aim is to connect professionals in various fields with vacant positions in their corporations. We are determined and goal-oriented in providing the right set of employable professionals who can promote high-quality professional skills and add value to the financial and economic development of wherever they perform their services. Our services are tailored to each client's needs and we strive for satisfaction. We are committed to providing a quality service that is highly valued by our clients and contributes to the economy. We guarantee success by delivering professionals with the right skills and qualifications for each job.