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Women Ministers Online Platform

Lagos, Nigeria
Joined July 18, 2021
ABOUT US: WOMEN MINISTERS ONLINE PLATFORM. INTRODUCTION: Women Ministers Online Platform is a Gospel Movement and Non Profit Campaign towards Mobilizing and raising over 200 Million Ministers of God from the female gender to spread the Gospel of the Kindgom of God to all Nations of the earth. This vision was conceived by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and Birthed on 30th March 2020 through the vision carrier, Evang. Gideon Daniel Atso who is a passionate Social Media Gospel Activist currently resident in Nigeria. He is sold out for the love he has for the unity of the Church and the propagation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all mankind. He is totally devoted and committed to the divine instruction to Unite Many Voices for the purposes of achieving One Vision of Taking the Gospel of Christ to the Ends of the EARTH as contained in Mark 16:15. Most Christians across the world are familiar with the Great Commission but in attempting to execute it, relegated women to the status of mere supporters. Interestingly, a good number of women have dared those odds and are courageously spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through various Ministries and platforms. This vision came up as a medium to support and encourage Female Ministers of the gospel to be more determined, focused and committed to their calling and ignore every form of distraction that the devil may put on their way. Technological advancement has turned the world into a global village. Despite several artificial borders and restrictions, the internet has made it possible for us to interact with the whole world from one place in real time. That means that people can still hear the gospel and be saved in places where there are no Churches. People can still receive their healings and other miracles through the internet. Ministers of the gospel through the internet can as well schedule their ministrations in such a way that they can pursue their career conveniently while spreading the gospel from their homes, offices, etc. The Women Ministers Online Platform has come to take full advantage of the digital technology to this effect. The Mandate of this platform is for the church to breed more Soldiers of the female gender who shall take stand in many dimensions for Christ with one purpose to break the KINDGOM of SATAN and win souls for Jesus. Many of us know that women nurture us from their wombs till birth and still afterwards. The passionate love with which they brought us up, if applied to the spread of the gospel will save many more souls and send the devil crazy. The Women Ministers Online Platform is a vast network of women Ministers who chose to obey the Calling of God upon their lives, and who are also operating and manifesting different ministerial gifts. The focus here is to deliver the whole of humanity from the Yoke of Satan. We are bound by the vision to win countless Numbers of souls for the Kingdom of God and we are with this belief that the harvest is plentiful, it is now time to unify existing Soldiers, recruit more, get them trained and release them towards Kingdom assignment. GOALS. ONLINE MEDIA GOSPEL. Women Ministers Online Platform as one of the online medium channel in reaching souls with the Gospel of Christ and edifying the body of Christ Jesus. We are also keen in advancing the online Platform Network base through the creation of more media and Technical Management outfit and the evolution of many more platforms for women MINISTERS around the world for broader broadcast of the Gospel of the Kindgom of God. In line with the Guidelines of the Holy Spirit who is the sole Director of this movement, We are committed towards Building measures that will give an average woman Minister the platform and capacity to share God's word to thousands of lost souls out there. This aspect of the media Evangelism Mediums are one of the fastest approaches to reaching the unreached and touching the untouched Nations of the world. We are hopeful that this drive will lead us towards having TV/Cable stations, and international Radio Stations across the nations of the World to spread the gospel of the Kindgom of God with speech and efficiency. OFFLINE OUTREACHES. Offline Outreach initiative is a program designed to enable us reach the section of people who have no access to the internet or digital technology with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The hunt for winning more souls for the Kindgom of God must be dynamic. The need to break every form of barrier is necessary. OTHER INITIATIVES 1. Feeding of Souls (Sharing of groceries or money for purchase of groceries) 2. Cell Group Networking (Mentorship and Partnership) 3. Nation Gathering of Prayer (Annual physical gathering of Ministers and supporters) 4. Crusade Outreaches 5. Jesus on the Road (Street Evangelism) 6. Medical Love Outreach 7. One Woman One Soul (Soul Winning task) 8. Annual World Women Ministers Conference (this shall be held on a rotational basis across the wor