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Esther Owolabi

Customer Success Manager/Project Manager/Client Retention

Hatfield, United Kingdom
Health, Wellness & Fitness
Joined May 31, 2024


Native or Bilingual
I am a driven and results-oriented professional currently pursuing an MSc in International Business at the University of Hertfordshire, expected to graduate in 2025. With a solid foundation in International Relations from Bowen University, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of global markets, international trade, and business strategies. Over the past few years, I have honed my skills in customer service, project management, and stakeholder engagement through various roles. As a Care Analyst at Chatdesk, I managed over 200 customer interactions daily, addressing complex issues with empathy and efficiency. My rapid promotion to Assistant Team Lead within six months is a testament to my leadership abilities and commitment to excellence. I also bring valuable experience from my tenure as a Human Resources Graduate Intern at the Federal Capital Inland Revenue Service, where I played a key role in enhancing employee engagement and streamlining HR processes. Additionally, my project management experience with Her Story Human Rights Group involved leading teams and organizing community outreach programs, further strengthening my organizational and leadership skills. My passion lies in leveraging my diverse skill set to drive business growth and create meaningful connections. I thrive in dynamic environments and am always eager to learn and adapt. Currently, I am seeking opportunities to apply my expertise in international business and customer engagement to contribute to innovative and forward-thinking organizations. Key competencies include strategic decision-making, client relations, data analysis, and a strong aptitude for communication. I am committed to continuous learning and am excited about the potential to make a significant impact in the global business landscape.