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Full Time Remote
28 days ago
Do you love to tell a story visually through awe-inspiring motion graphics and animations? Do you want to help craft educational videos about design topics that are every bit as high-end as what National Geographic does for history, science and culture? Do you want to showcase your skills in every frame while conveying powerful ideas into thousands of minds daily? The IxDF is the biggest online design school globally. We're market leaders in online design education because the world's leading experts create our content and because we're specialized in design. Our ever-growing community now needs a first-class Motion Graphics Designer and Visual Storyteller to help each of them along their learning journey. Visual storytelling is a huge part of our winning formula: to reach our members on that magic level where they’re captivated to complete their course while feeling utterly inspired every step of the way. It’s about bringing entire worlds of knowledge so close that our members can taste and digest each morsel of delicious learning effortlessly and that—and this is the big one—they stay addicted to learning! You will, therefore, become an essential part of our team, someone who is making a direct impact on not only the growth and reputation of our foundation but also the whole world of education and beyond! WHAT YOU'LL BE DOING You’ll be working closely with our UX design experts, founders, video editors, course producers and other team members to make the most inspiring and engaging lesson videos for our ever-growing catalog of courses. You’ll need to produce the best motion graphics and animations to support what our super talented instructors are teaching and employ all the tricks you know to make this magic a reality! You’ll feel energized as you take your skill set to an even higher level among a highly ambitious and supportive team. Your expertise and eagle eye can help us refine our visual presence yet further and improve our video style guide. In fact, your sheer talent and eye for detail will be a big part in shaping the future of our video production and—by association—of design itself! So, what do our videos look like? Well, here’s an example of what’s called a “design story”: In it, we filmed various airports and compared some aspects of their designs. As you can see, educational videos are not merely “talking heads with slides”. This next video shows you what our educational videos—based on interviews and lectures—look and feel like: It shows how much emphasis and effort we put into animations, footage and on-screen text to give the ultimate learning experience. And this third video is an example of how we create promotional videos to engage new users and spread our work even more: So, if after seeing these videos you think “I could do better than that!”, then we’d love to hear from you! ABOUT YOU - You have worked as a professional full-time video editor for at least 5 years. Your professional emphasis should be on motion graphics and animation. - You have solid practical experience working with Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder to produce and export edited projects, and in Adobe After Effects to create effects and animate motion graphics. - You are fluent in working with imported or exported raster and vector images using tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. - You can push video learning ’one step beyond’, so your animations, illustrations, on-screen text and other visual effects work in perfect harmony to complement each instructor’s material and produce the ’wow’ factor. - You can place an entire, self-contained learning reality right in the mind of each member so all they have to do is watch and learn… and then feel extra-hungry to get out there and apply their new-found knowledge. - You will be a master of organization, from keeping footage and assets arranged, efficient notetaking, all the way through to being able to create meaning from the material you have. - And you have an ultra-sharp eye for the parts that make up the whole, right down to those finest details that are extra important to you. So, you catch any glitches, problems with continuity and other imperfections such as lighting and audio-related issues. - You’re supremely competent and confident in working independently to produce the best material, and you know and love what a perfect product looks like. LEARN MORE You can learn more about the Job, our Work Culture and Values here: