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$2,400 - $4,000 Per Month
Full Time Remote
27 days ago
About the Role We are still early, so don’t be too worried about all of the responsibilities or technologies. Roles can be crafted to fit your interests and personal abilities. We look at your future outlook, not just your current skills. We are looking for a frontend developer with a bit of a fullstack spin. You will work to provide great conversational experiences for our users as well as creating interfaces and functional tools for internal users. It would be great if you had at least two years of experience, but that is just a number. Key Responsibilities As a Frontend Engineer at Panda you will: - Design and implement features for our admin platform as well as the user-facing end of our product. Used both by our users as well as our own team. - Take part in building top-notch conversational experiences, integrating with Slack and Microsoft Teams bot frameworks. - Uphold proper principles in the testing, integration, and deployment of multiple aspects of our platform - Work closely with the product team and others across the company to develop user-friendly UI experiences. - Collaborate with other engineers to develop the best architectural design. - Engage with customers and other partners to continuously improve the product’s usability. Next-level career development expectations: - Taking an active role in making strategic decisions about our technologies and their development. It's too early for us to be set in our ways. - Building an internal process for understanding our users' needs. - Performing customer interviews and user acceptance tests. What’s the stack? - Backend: Node.js and Express - Frontend: Jquery and React - NLP Engine: Node.js, Python, BERT language transformers, Hidden Markov Model - Database: MongoDB - Infrastructure and Deployment: AWS (EC2, CLI, Beanstalk), Azure NLP Relevant technologies and keywords - Conversational Interfaces, UX testing, Dynamic rendering engines (ExpressJS, Angular, React), HTML/CSS, Material Design, ChartJS, Restful API, Web-socket, Unit testing. What about you? We are looking at how you work - more than what you know. - You thrive in uncertainty With us being very early on, things are bound to change quickly. We hope you are able to act proactively and independently in a role where not everything is fully defined. Maybe you can be part of defining it yourself. - You are a natural learner Learning is at the very core of our product - so the drive to learn proactively and on the fly is also something that we value in each and every person we work with. - You care about our mission We’d love it if you cared about improving people’s lives and helping them become better versions of themselves. :-) - You are honest and caring None of us is infallible and we are bound to go in the wrong direction from time to time. Calling out faulty assumptions, letting us know when we’re going the wrong direction, and owning up to mistakes is important to us. But even more important is helping people learn from those mistakes. What about us? We are unable to let you train Pandas, but we do offer: - A caring and equitable workplace Strict hierarchies aren’t really our thing so we want to make sure everyone has a voice and feels at home. Our small team already has four different nationalities so we are committed to welcoming everyone regardless of their background. - We are flexible and fully remote Where you come from doesn’t matter. We are building a fully remote organization to fit modern needs. Living that nomadic lifestyle that doesn’t fit with the usual 9 to 5? That’s all good with us. Work is supposed to serve your life, not the other way around. - Something to pay the bills + equity Apart from receiving a solid salary, you will also be part of our employee stock option plan. We have not set it up yet, but we will soon! - Grow with us and have an impact early Panda is still early on so you’ll have a chance to have a real impact on the way we help our users as well as how our organization is built. This means there’s also an opportunity to progress while we grow. This is what one employee said about working at the company: "New challenges and new projects give me the opportunity to always update my skills set. Besides from career growth, it is also very important to me that the Supervisor I'm working directly with everyday, Tiago, has helped me a lot with my personal growth as well. The 1:1 catching up sessions really makes me feel like I have someone wise to guide me and I don't have to be afraid of asking for help."
$2,400 - $4,000 Per Month