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Full Time Remote
1 month ago
Thank you for opening this position:) Let me tell you what happened: We have been overdoing marketing lately and now we really need someone to help us onboarding clients. Besides onboarding inbound clients, you will have to spend about 30% of your time on outbound client search. We will tell you where to look for them :) If the following is about you, then feel free to apply. >B2B Sales or B2C High ticket ($3k+) >Experience of working in no-code tools like Integromat/Tilda/Bable etc. >Experience of selling IT solutions -Excellent written and spoken English What do we offer? >Market Compensation >Training in the most popular no-code platforms >Self-sufficiency for those who need it >Or help for those who don't need independence :) And we will also build a cool company together. Our site: Our careers: