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Freelance Remote
4 days ago
We have an upcoming batch of English to German subtitling work and are looking for freelance translators to work with us. This project has a large volume, with a monthly workload of 1,000 minutes, and will continue until next year. TV shows, movies, crimes, dramas, and entertainment are among the topics covered. This is a remote or freelance position. Some general details about the project: - An estimate of 25-65 minute per episodes - work materials: video and script available timed shell - Already time-stamped/timecoded, with all work done online via the Ooona system - Training on the platform will be provided NOTE: Applicants must be NATIVE speakers of the target language, and must be at the least, fluent to near-native in the source language. If you are interested in working with us, please email us your CV and PER-MINUTE rates in US dollars for the following services: 1) Subtitling translation (without timecoding) 2) Translation QC 3) Proofreading IMPORTANT: Start your proposal with the word “GERMAN”. Failure to do so will get your application disqualified.