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9 months ago
As a Developer Evangelist, you will help fulfill Estuary's mission by connecting with other developers, contributing to open-source, and sharing your knowledge and experience about Estuary Flow and other leading technologies. You'll attend conferences and meetups, produce articles, contribute to podcasts, and engage in social media. Your work will foster a community inspired by Estuary and will drive our strategy around developer love and Estuary’s participation in the open-source ecosystem. We focus on generating awareness by rolling up our sleeves, contributing to the ecosystem, and enabling others to become evangelists outside the company as well. Not afraid to be hands-on, you might write sample code, author client libraries, provide insights to journalists, and work with strategic Estuary partners. Responsibilities: Lead the conversation around the latest technology advancements and best practices in the developer community. Create engaging content, including technical talks, blog posts, demos, and videos, that educates developers on important technologies and trends. Support Estuary’s product and engineering efforts by sharing what you learn while engaging with the wider Estuary community and the tech community, at large. Conduct interviews with media representatives via phone, podcasts, video, and in-person. Be a leader within Estuary and in the wider community.