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🖼️ Setting the scene We believe that talent can be found anywhere but opportunity not. We are on a mission to bridge that gap and create equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we are building the world’s largest remote talent company and help companies unlock global talent. 🚀 What your mission will be As a Senior Sourcer it’s your mission to turn people into candidates for our clients. To achieve this, you will closely work together with your team of Sourcers and tech recruiters to fully understand the needs of our clients and find the right candidates for them. You are at the forefront of new developments within sourcing and bring this to the team. 🌍 Where you will be based We are a fully remote company. You decide where and when you want to work. You need to be comfortable working in CET time zones. ❤️ What’s in it for you Work fully remote and decide when and where you want to work (but we still propose you a budget for co-working) Work with 20+ sourcers from11 countries (Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, Armenia, Nigeria, India, etc.) You will work as a part of an internal team in such companies as, Miro, Grammarly, and TikTok Continuous training from internal and external (international) trainers like Mike "Batman" Cohen, Mark Tortorici, Balazs Paroczay, etc. Opportunity to visit conferences like SourceCon and Sourcing Summit and receive professional sourcing certifications We can help you to develop your personal brand and to become known in the sourcing community: our teammates are already invited as speakers to SoSu, SorceSourceCon, writing articles for AmazingHiring, Recruitment Brainfood blogs, etc. You can grow in your career really fast, become a mentor for junior sources, and grow into a manager 🔍 What we are looking for in you More than 3 years of relevant working experience in tech sourcing You achieved tangible results in your current and previous results Fluent in English both in speaking and writing You love to work with data You are structured in your way of working You know how to scrape, how to find candidates outside of LinkedIn and you are constantly looking for new ways to find and engage with tech talent You consider sourcing an art and want to develop yourself further in this field 🎁 Benefits: Vacation: 22 vacation days per year + 1 additional week in Christmas time Day offs on all bank holidays in your country to spend your time with family and friends Monthly budget for co-working and home office (desk, lamp, chair) Hiring bonuses (75 EUR bonus per hire) Yearly offsite with the team 📐 How you will be measured As a sr. sourcer you will be working on the more senior/challenging roles. You will be measured based on both the quantity and quality of the output that you are able to generate for our clients. Our clients should be impressed by the candidates you are able to find. The criteria for the quantity and quality will differ per client and role you will be working on. If wanted you have the opportunity to manage one or multiple more junior sourcers and you will be measured on the results your team is able to achieve. 🤔 We are working differently We are currently working with our clients on 3 different models: 1. Sourcing as a Service – (tech) sourcers work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model 2. Recruitment as a Service (RPO) – (tech) recruiters work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model 3. Remote hiring – we help companies hire remote tech talent based on their time zone, tech requirements, salary expectations, and payroll & compliance preferences Want to know more? Below a more detailed description what your first year could look like. Seen enough? Go right to the application button at the bottom of this page :) 🗓️ What your first 12 months will look like and what outcomes we expect you to hit First month Your first month at MatcHR! Welcome! You will go through an intense onboarding process to understand our way of working. At the end of the month we expect that you are already working on several roles for our clients. Due to your sourcing experience we are keen to hear more on your own way of working and what tools/techniques you use. In your first weeks we will make a 30/60/90 day plan with company goals but also personal development goals. Second month You will be fully up and running and several of your candidates that you were able to find will be in the final hiring stages at our clients. You will have weekly 1 on 1’s with our Sourcing Team Lead to discuss your progress and your personal development goals. Based on the roles you are sourcing for we will establish what your goals are. You actively help to grow (y)our sourcing team and you are actively creating content within the sourcing community. Third month Three months in already! Time flies . Your targets will be set based on the roles and clients you are working with. We will push and challenge you to make sure that our clients are as happy as we are with you. Next to your daily work you will be involved in the onboarding process of new sourcers and if wanted manage one or multiple more junior sourcers. Sixth month Depending on how quickly you have grown we will discuss your responsibilities for the next 6 months. Possible outcomes could be that you will be end responsible for several clients and/or manage one or more sourcers. You actively share your knowledge on sourcing on social media and you wrote your first article on sourcing that was published in our newsletter. 🍾 One year Wow! One year at MatcHR! We might be sipping some Pina Colada’s somewhere warm where you get a chance to meet the entire team on our annual offsite. You have seen our organization double in size and you have made a direct impact to make this happen. Your clients are as happy to work with you as we are. Depending on where you want to grow we create your development plan for the year after.