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10 months ago
What You’ll Do for Us A marketing internship with Rezieo is an opportunity to learn skills or apply training and knowledge from your university course in the real world that will help you learn and grow. Based on the specific internship role you are given your experiences may include but are not limited to the following. You will create and present visual and email pitches, and conduct market research and analysis. You will help with email marketing and outreach to organizations to help educate and present to potential clients the Brand, and value of our service. Develop tools, roadmap, and programs to increase online and offline channels to optimize product performance. Perform market research on ways and strategies to expand in the global market. Qualifications & Requirements Knowledge of and ability to apply basic marketing concepts (e.g. brand positioning, brand architecture, SWOT Analysis, competitive assessment, marketing objectives and strategies, and consumer segmentation) used in the development of marketing plans. Ability to evaluate creative concepts and executions based on creativity, strategic alignment, and consumer impact. Ability to utilize syndicated, custom, and secondary research to identify opportunities to develop brand plans and marketing tactics. Must possess the ability to ability to work with a geographically spread, culturally diverse team, stakeholders, and partners.