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14 days ago
The company Royal Bio Dünger is founded to stimulate the production of high quality 100% organic and natural plants.👍 Our fertilizer Royal Bio Dünger is 100% organic and the best fertilizer type worldwide. The laboratory results prove that compared to other fertilizer types, organic chicken fertilizer has the highest mineral value. With our unbeatable prices, we support farmers and private households in the production and consumption of affordable AND HEALTHY food. We are currently looking for qualified Members of The Board of Advisors Job description * Act reasonably, honestly, prudently, in good faith and with a view to the best interest of the organization and its members * Take actions that will preserve the integrity and reputation of the organization * Represent the company in your country * Attend and organize relevant events (live and virtual) * Maintain confidentiality * Place the interests of the organization first, avoid conflicts of interest * Make fair, objective decisions in the best interests of the company * Not use one's position as a director to further private interest * Be fully informed on all business matters, ensure prudent use of all assets, and act with competence while serving as a director * Promote the brand ROYAL BIO DÜNGER * Keep these duties in mind as you serve as a board member within our organization. Minimum Qualifications & Skills * Prof., PhD, Master’s Degree preferred * Have knowledge in areas such as agriculture particularly organic fertilizers and their positive effects on crops. * Large network * 10+ years’ relevant experience required This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed. It does not include all responsibilities and skills required of the job and may be changed at any time. All responsibilities must be completed in compliance with all policies, procedures, safety protocols, and consistent with the objectives and principles of ROYAL BIO DÜNGER.