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2 months ago
Do you want to be a part of something bigger? Do you enjoy social media and are an active user, now is the time to get paid for your time on social media platforms! What is a social media evaluation job? It is a process by which a particular social networking presence is studied to determine how effective an individual's or a company's social branding is. Evaluate the quality and relevance of information in categories such as news feeds, advertisements, and search results. Project Overview: The purpose of this workflow is to identify relevant and high-quality ads for search queries. For each ad to be rated, raters will see a search query containing the terms used to search and a sponsored post. This sponsored post includes the name of the advertiser, visuals such as images or video, and text commentary. Then, based on the content, raters will rate the ad for relevance if there is no defined product intent. • Flexible Hours, with the potential to work above the 20-hour requirement based on project needs • Long-term project commitment Project Requirements: • Must work 20 hours per week. • An active Facebook account with at least 25 friends. • Currently residing in Hungary with at least 5 years of residency • Good comprehension skills in English and fluency in Hungarian • A college education is required. Have a direct impact on the effectiveness and relevancy of the service these companies provide. Be a Social Media Evaluator by clicking the link below! "Appen has a diverse, inclusive culture vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds."