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$15 - $30 Per Hour
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Madrid, Spain
5 months ago
1) You have an EU passport (which includes a work permit) and you want to take the TEFL course and work with Canterbury English / Partner English Academies after the course. 2) You have a non-EU passport (you come to Spain on a 3 month tourist visa), and you just want to take the TEFL course and leave before your 3 month visa expires. Presenting the accredited and award winning Canterbury English International TEFL Certificate Program, with almost 25 consecutive years of TEFL Ivy League Success. Month after month, year after year, we have been graduating thousands of qualified students who travel and teach around the world, making our International TEFL Certificate known and respected in English academies in most cities and countries across the globe. We have consolidated the most prestigious program in Spain and perhaps in Europe, which is why we were awarded the Golden Laurel in 1999, the National Endowment Award in the year 2000 and the Medal of Gold in 2001 for excellence! A 120-hour, on-site accredited TEFL Certificate program in Madrid, Spain that includes a whole six teaching practice classes with live students and an expert TEFL instructor to professionally grade your observation practice sessions. You drive the car, but your instructor is there with you in person guiding you. This is a real, on-site program that will sculpt you into a genuine teacher with all the necessary tools of the trade to become a popular educator in the English language that students will love and trust. This will make you a valuable addition to any teaching team and you will be in great demand. With us in Spain, you are nurtured through our program and we help you launch a new life as an English teacher here in Madrid and then later as you travel to teach English and discover other cultures in the countries of your choice. For many it’s a major decision to start this new, enticing career and we are here to help you make the big step. With our assistance and training, you’ll be well prepared for this great adventure and we will give you the confidence to move smoothly into this new life, which we will construct together, until you can unfurl your own wings to take you wherever you want to go. The TEFL course price is 1.375€ and includes: FOUR-WEEK TEFL COURSE The Canterbury English Accredited TEFL Certificate Program. 120 hr. course. Six observed practice classes teaching real students. TEFL Course Teaching materials. Various fun social activities to integrate the students during the course. LIFE STUDENT BENEFITS Assistance with legal paperwork. Accommodation assistance. Guidance to create a bank account. Access to the school library and school resources. Canterbury English staff help, before, during and after course. *** Join our Canterbury English ex-pat family now!! ***
$15 - $30 Per Hour