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$3 - $4 Per Hour
Part Time
3 months ago
Duties and Responsibilities: Identify and target potential customers through various channels, including online research, social media platforms, industry directories, and other relevant sources. Create and implement effective strategies to attract and engage potential customers, including email marketing, cold calling, and so on. Qualify leads and assess their potential as solar customers by conducting thorough needs assessments. Engage prospects in meaningful conversations to understand their requirements, educate them about the benefits of solar energy, and address any concerns or objections. Effectively communicate the value proposition of our solar solutions and services to potential customers. Schedule appointments with qualified leads for solar consultations, site assessments, and sales meetings. Coordinate with sales representatives and other team members to ensure a smooth transition from lead generation to appointment booking. Qualifications: Proven experience in lead generation, appointment booking, or a similar role, preferably within the solar energy industry or related field. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to engage prospects and build rapport. Excellent organizational and time management abilities to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. Knowledge of solar energy, renewable energy industry trends, and environmental sustainability is a plus.
$3 - $4 Per Hour