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$10 per project
1 month ago
Hi, l Read Speech: Here the user will read some sentence from an app called Shaip Recording App and record the same Total Volume: 200 Hours Each user's recording duration would be 60 mins šŸ“ Transcription: Calling all skilled transcribers in Haryanavi Your proficiency in transcribing audio files in Deccanis will play a crucial role in helping us enhance our language-related services. We would need to have all the 200 hours of recorded audio transcripted. šŸŒŸ Why collaborate with us? Join a dynamic and inclusive team, committed to promoting language accessibility and innovation. Gain valuable experience working with a global organization and expand your professional network. Flexibility to work as a vendor, individual, or freelancer, depending on your preferences. If you are passionate about languages, have a strong command of Haryanavi, and possess relevant experience in audio sourcing, transcription, or quality checking, we want to hear from you! Let's work together to make a meaningful impact on language services in Haryana. We look forward to connecting with talented professionals.
$10 per project