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9 months ago
Job Title: Mentor in English| Psychology| Commerce & Management Job requirements: 1. Masters in relevant subject (Mandatory) 2. Laptop and internet connection (Mandatory) 3. Teaching/Counselling experience (Preferred) Job responsibilities: 1. Supporting students individually in their online learning experience and acting as a point of contact to address their issues. 2. Ensuring that the program meets their learning needs and addressing their barriers to learning, if any. 3. Reporting feedback and insights from interaction with students to the Academic Team so as to make necessary changes in the teaching strategies and methods of delivery. 4. Monitoring student progress and delivering adequate individually tailored interventions wherever required. 5. Responding to chats/calls from learners and being available round the clock to respond to their queries, doubts and concerns. 6. Scheduling weekly calls and monthly video-calls with students, and occasional group meetings. 7. Escalating concerns with respective Academic Team members, if required. 8. Developing student tailored strategies to aid their learning. 9. Building a database of activities, programs, opportunities, organisations and individuals that could be drawn upon to provide extra support for students. 10. Submitting reports on student performance and engagement, and suggesting changes and improvements in the system. *Please note that the above enlisted responsibilities are for the purpose of providing an overview and may not be exhaustive. Job Types: Full-time| Regular/Permanent| Work from Home| Flexible hours Salary: ₹15,000.00 - ₹20,000.00 per month