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Full Time
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Avenida Calle 100 #13-21, Bogotá, Colombia
19 days ago
Buentipo Anchor is looking for an Account Executive. “Empowering brands with innovative ideas and integrating marketing disciplines to deliver exceptional value.” 💰 Compensation: To be agreed upon. 🌎 Location: Hybrid (Avenida Calle 100 #13-21, Bogotá, Colombia). 💪 Skills: Proficient in advertising. ⭐ Responsibilities and more: • Understand client needs: Listen to and understand clients' needs, goals, and challenges. Analyze their requirements and develop strategies and solutions that meet their business needs. • Develop proposals: Work together with internal teams, such as the creative team, marketing team, or development team, to develop customized proposals and solutions that align with the client's objectives. • Budget and negotiate: Prepare and present budgets to clients, negotiate terms and conditions of contracts, and ensure financial agreements are met. • Coordinate projects: Oversee the development and execution of projects assigned to the account, ensuring that deadlines, budgets, and quality standards are met. • Monitor and report: Regularly monitor account activities and results and prepare client performance reports and presentations. • Identify growth opportunities: Identify opportunities to increase business with existing clients by presenting new ideas, services, or products that benefit them.