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Eppstein, Germany
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Akwel is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of fluid management and thermal management systems for the automotive and heavy-duty vehicle industries. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Akwel provides advanced solutions for fuel systems, emissions control, and thermal management, serving major automakers and other customers worldwide. Akwel's expertise in engineering and manufacturing, coupled with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, has made it a trusted partner in the automotive industry for over 100 years. FUNCTIONS MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES : The Account Manager ensures the implementation of Marketing and Sales Process (Promotional strategy, Response to RFQs, Contract review). She/he is also responsible for achieving required sales margins and driving sales within the assigned area of responsibility (sales= generating sales orders and collecting receivables) The Account Manager is the privileged contact of the customer. She/he assists the Group’s different departments throughout their dealings with customers (Product Design/ Industrialization, Delivery Process, Invoicing/Cash collection). Marketing &Sales Process: Contributes to the Marketing strategy (search and classification of market data and analyses relevant to customers, competitors, products and suppliers + identification of forecast revenue streams + Interpretation/fulfillment of Customer requirements); Contributes in establishing products marketing strategy (targets) and sales strategy (actions to be followed in order to achieve the targets); Implements Sales strategy (promotional strategy, response to quote requests, contract review); Develops, in appropriate formats, the reports required by Senior Management, Ensure proper documentation and storage of all kind of Sales relevant documents in line with internal procedures and guidelines, Support sales forecasting and budget building process for assigned customers. Conducts the promotional presentations of assigned products to assigned customers according to the sales strategy defined by the Division or the Subsidiary so as to: o promote to current and prospective customers the Division or Subsidiary’s capabilities, o capture new consultation/business opportunities, o build/maintain strong relationships with current and prospective customers. She/he gathers customer requirements (emerging product, modifications/adjustments, new standards or requirements, productivity rates, capability analysis), accepts or declines their demands, submits customer requirements to relevant departments as appropriate, submits a technical-economic offer / responds to quote requests and performs the negotiations required to achieve the targets (in terms of quality & quantity) set by Senior Management (E.g.: new sales orders, quality of turnover, sustainable profitability, …). In the event of nonpayment or disputes, the Account Manager leads the negotiations to ensure receivables collection in conjunction with the Accounting Unit and if needed with the support of the Sales Director.