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$1,423 - $2,600 Per Month
Full Time
Pasay, Manila, Philippines
6 months ago
Job responsibilities: 1. Quickly understand and accurately interpret the department's strategic direction, assist executives in decomposing the strategy to the department, and be able to supervise and execute the strategy (not required); 2. Have a deep understanding of the business department's work, be able to quickly grasp key points, and effectively and efficiently assist management in advancing business management related work; 3. Monitor and follow up on the company's key projects and department plans to ensure the effective implementation of key projects and department plans (not required); 4. Execute executive work instructions, assist executives in drafting related documents, and have strong PowerPoint skills; 5. Accurately identify department management innovation needs and propose rationalization suggestions or solutions; 6. Record important company meetings and organize meeting minutes; 7. Complete other tasks assigned by the immediate supervisor. Job requirements: 1. Fluency in Mandarin is a must 2. One year or more of work experience, with executive assistant experience preferred; 3. Clear thinking, strong logical skills, and possessing strong information search, learning and analytical skills; 4. Have a certain level of writing skills, good writing ability, strong organizational coordination and communication skills, proficient in using Office software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel;
$1,423 - $2,600 Per Month