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$90,000 Per Year
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10 months ago
Hello idealist, the time has come! Yes, we are looking for you, a problem solver who is focused on leading, designing, maintaining and executing products and services with purpose, as well as helping to maintain the infrastructure in an optimal way, based on our vision supported by our brand messages to achieve internal objectives proposed. We are a young startup, created to be an actor of change and gap reduction; we are driven by just causes, and our philosophy of life is to earn from serving, to earn from giving. ---- We want you to have the desire and passion to help, to be committed and to be part of the solutions and not part of the problems. We know you are a crack in the entire IT ecosystem, and we are looking for you: -Bachelor's degree in Software Eng. or related (Technology, Technical, Bootcamp or Proven experience under projects or under labor certificates). -Experience in Cloud, Blockchain and Web 3.0. -2 Years of experience in software engineering and IT. -Demonstrated track record of success in technology leadership roles or projects and metrics evaluated therein. -Familiarity with platforms, JS, JS w3.0, TS, MERN/MEAN/PERN Stack's, Kotlin, Java for Mobile projects, Swift, IT infrastructure, servers, tech support, agile development and software programs and licensing. -Extensive experience with MVC and UML frameworks. -Exceptional project management and organizational skills. -Driven by goals and meeting KPIs. (If you have certifications, it is a plus, but truth be told, we are not so much motivated by cards, we are motivated by effective, optimal and efficient actions and processes leveraged on decisions made from data). -Languages: Mandatory: Spanish (B2-C1/Native). Optional: English (B1-B2, and familiarity with the Spanish language). Among other tasks that a CTO executes, besides being empathetic with the team, driving them to better own and cooperative results (soft and hard), and bridge with our major strategic allies, ie: recurrent users and new ones to come, from our quality in all production processes. We need from you soft skills such as: Leadership, Transparency, Effective and Efficient Time Management, Creativity and Innovation, Constant Learning, Collaboration and Empathy, Self-criticism, Responsibility, Commitment and Altruism. What will you get from us? Currently, we offer you: *100% remote full time work, with the possibility of connection with the schedule of LA, Bogota and Argentina. *As we currently have no sales, we will adjust to a confidentiality and non-competition contract + terms and conditions agreement. When we get sales and break even, we will offer you a net salary of 90k usd/year, with the possibility of decision by us, to give you the options of: stock options or vesting as appropriate (24 months after official hiring). *We have no time control (we don't move by how many hours a person is working behind a screen or behind a project; we move by meeting objectives, so if you like challenges, this job is for you). *Subsequently, upon progressive strategic expansion over time, you will receive many more benefits such as career plan, study sponsorship (in US or abroad), paid vacations (8 weeks/year + Christmas Holidays), full nutritional, dental, ophthalmic, orthopedic, medical and social welfare plans + social security plan for your primary family members (spouse and children), necessary tools to execute your work and manage-lead your processes and those of the people in your charge (hardware and paid software), with your home office included or the deductible so you can be in a private office or co-working +comfortable, +easy and yes, consequently +happy and +productive (2500 usd/month)) and also bonuses based on goals achieved (We promise you from our hearts: Promise is promise, and these are fulfilled), in addition to being able to participate in social CSR efforts given from our CSR department, as a volunteer and director of just causes sponsored by us (Financial, operational and logistical support in the creation of your own business models and / or non-profit social causes). We hope you will join our team and we will achieve the proposed goals and those to come in the future, i.e. in the present. (You can send us your resume/video.... (we don't have a format for it) to Impress us!) We are driven by just causes, we are driven by being just. ---- *Current internal recruitment policy: *Note: The job is 100% in Spanish, with transversality towards the English language. We appreciate your understanding.
$90,000 Per Year