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2 months ago
## At Circle UI, I'm building a platform to power the simplest website-building experience. The builder software makes it easy for entrepreneurs(small and medium businesses) to manage their website content and improve website conversion and other user engagement statistics with premium design elements. It will be used by companies of all sizes, from single-person companies to VC-funded startups and everything in between. Competitors are WIX, Squarespace, Webflow, Tilda, etc. I'm looking for people who enjoy working in an early-stage startup where things are imperfect and move fast. ***This role is equity only until raising fund. Planning to raise 600-800K$ for pre-seed*** ### You have * 6-8 years experience in marketing management * Minimum 4 years experience in digital marketing * Experience in building, testing, and measuring marketing campaigns. * The ability to create strong marketing strategies and execute tactical plans to support marketing goal * Strong distributor/customer/partner relationship skills * Strong budget management and reporting skills * Must be familiar with the IT Market, Products, Software, and Services * Passion for building high-quality products from the ground up * Patience and eagerness to be part of a long journey to help in building a great product * Superior oral and written communications skills in English * Open to a long-term partnership ### You will * Build marketing/sales/support strategy, plan, and team from ground * Help to build business/finance/funding strategy, plan, and team * Develop, execute, and measure the marketing plan * Develop and drive marketing campaigns to attract more customers and partners * Create trendy and high-quality content * Attract, talk to, sale to early-adopter customers * Help fundraising process * Spend your ~25 hours weekly ### Nice to have * Experience with the sector - Low Code & No Code * Experience with SaaS business model * Spend your ~30 hours weekly * Reached ~$200K ARR * Reached ~30.000 unique visitors ### Benefits * Stress-free working environment * Knowledge-sharing team relations * Clear and transparent communication * Building own structure from the ground * Opportunity to become a unicorn shareholder *You will be part of an exceptional team of people who share the same values and cherish our modern and open firm culture. As a founder my critical mission is to find the best players who have great experience and culture, then we can become a dream team and drive the business to top levels*