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1 month ago
Are you ready to be a part of our creative engine, crafting compelling content for the dynamic world of YouTube? We're looking for individuals who are not just writers but also internet aficionados, storytellers, and scientists, all rolled into one. Our content writers are the conduits for all things trending on the internet, and they understand the art and science of video virality. **About the Role 🚀** Writers at our company play a pivotal role in bringing big ideas to life. They are both creatively inspired by their surroundings and possess a unique ability to recognize that video virality is not by chance; it's purposeful. Our ideal candidate for this role is a duality of creativity and structure. You should be boundless in idea generation while also adept at working within our proven video formats. This position comes with a steep learning curve, as it's one of the most challenging roles in our company. If you're aiming to exceed our expectations, we encourage you to delve into our data analytics for viewer retention. Understanding what makes a video successful will empower our creative team to develop even more winning formats for our main channel. **What You'll Be Doing 📝** - Researching trends and tactics to optimize viewer retention according to YouTube's algorithms. - Crafting prop lists, challenges, punishments, and prizes for videos, subject to approval by the Head of Writing. - Collaborating with on-site teams daily to ensure that the creative vision is met in production decisions. This includes procurement choices, material sourcing, and scouting film locations. - Taking meeting notes and maintaining organization and tracking of all creative documents in the production team drive. **What Makes You a Fit 🎯** - Prior experience in YouTube content creation is preferred. - Knowledge of influencers, creators, and current video trends—or a strong willingness to learn quickly. - Humility—an eagerness to learn and grow is a must. We are here to mold and teach you. - Team player mentality—this role requires strong communication skills and the ability to adapt swiftly. Join our team and become a vital part of our creative journey. If you're ready to contribute your writing talents to the world of YouTube content creation, we invite you to apply and help us shape the future of our main channel. 🎬📺