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Full Time Remote
1 month ago
Hi. At WeLoveNoCode help people create products without code We've been published on Product Hunt and were top 1 of the day. We don't like developers because of long deadlines and high prices. You too? Then we've got something for you :) We specialize in rapid hypothesis testing for our clients, helping them make products without code (webpages, mobile apps, web services, etc.) by connecting them to the right professional Let me tell you what you will have to do: First, you will have to collect feedback from customers, help and support them and solve non-standard situations. You will also have to help customers create products that generates money for them as fast as possible by advice and support. While you'll talk to customers by yourself, you'll also be able to manage a small team of Customer Support & Success. It includes daily standups, reports and delegating If this is about you, then feel free to apply: >You speak English as well as your native language. >You know that smiling all the time does a lot of good for people >The words JTBD, user stories don't make you want to Google it :) >You were a Success Lead/ Head of success/Support lead and built Support departments in rapid growing companies >You worked in Hubspot What do we offer? >Market compensation >Training in the most popular no-code platforms >Sufficiency for those who need it >Help for those who don't need independence :) And then we will make a cool company together.