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2 months ago
Do you want to contribute to the advancement of camera AI technology? We want to see how people are aging! We are asking for submissions of 10 to 20 pictures of you at different ages and time periods. Submissions are done through our Appen Mobile application (available for Android and iOS). • Short-term earning potential • You are required to submit 1 current photo of yourself • We also need older photos of yourself: a minimum of 9 older pictures and up to 19 • You will be paid proportionally if you decide to send us fewer photos Requirements: • Be 18 years or older • Have an Android or iPhone phone Please follow the steps below on how to apply for the project: 1. Visit the Appen website using the link below: 2. Choose English (New Zealand) as your primary language and the United States as your country. 3. Complete the Registration page and click the Submit Application button to create your account 4. Once your account has been created, click the 'All Projects' Tab and look for this project. 5. Choose the "Apply" button to start your qualification for the project. How to create a profile in Appen Connect: Don’t miss the chance to earn extra income working from the comfort of your own home. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends! A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI. We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds. Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!