$20,000 - $25,000 Per Year
Part Time
10 days ago
Nakazzi & Co. is a start-up publishing company founded in 2022. Birthed out of a passion and love for books and those who create captivating stories. Nakazzi & Co. is a growing company looking for committed and ambitious people to join the team. Help shape the company and future roles within the company. A budding oganisational culture and room for growth through hard work and talent. If you are looking for an opportunity to advance within a role and business. This might be the role for you! Editors are the heart of Nakazzi & Co. As an editor you’ll be responsible for editing the rich stories within our catelog. Working closely with the Talent Development, Submissions and Comerical Editorial Services teams. A large portion of your work as a copy editor can involve adhering to the style requirements of an in-house style guide or client guide. As a copy editor you will work on a range of publications, such as books, comics and graphic novels, along with digital media content, such as blogs, product pages and website copy. You will complete several day-to-day tasks, some of which include: - Editing copy to improve readability through formatting and conciseness - Editing text to ensure consistent style - Ensuring adherence to style guides, including spelling, formatting, referencing, ensuring proper tenses and tone of voice - Working with authors to respond to queries and to help them improve their development skills - Proofreading to fix grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors - Fact-checking copy to verify dates and statistics - Liaising regularly with Authors, Talent, Editorial and Submissions by phone or email - Formatting responsibilities, such as creating layouts for publications to arrange text, images and advertisement copy correctly - Editing copy and improving on it, educate writers on best practices, identify ways to improve the flow of materials, and advise writers on content pieces - Vetting submissions into Nakazzi & Co. ensuring they meet guidlines Experience: - Proven experience in literature - A strong portfolio of works - Familiarity with software and technologies (Microsoft & PDF) - A keen eye for aesthetics and details - Excellent communication skills - Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines - Degree in or working towards a Degree in English, media or publishing at university Benefits: - Future perment design team position available - Paid per-project 20k - 25k - Discount on all services - Fully remote - Company merchandise - Company meet-ups all expenses paid - Experience and growth within a team - Competitive pay (based on the number of projects completed) Salary: - 20k-25k
$20,000 - $25,000 Per Year