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$65,000 - $70,000 Per Year
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Dallas, TX, United States
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Electrical Engineer-– Construction Inspector (Mid - level) Job locationDallas-Fort Worth Metroplex (On-site) This position is responsible for designing and planning civil engineering projects such as roads, airports, bridges, harbors, dams, irrigation systems, pipelines, and power plants. Duties may include analyzing maps, blueprints, drawings, tests, and aerial photographs on soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics, and other topographical and geologic data to plan and design projects. Education & Experience: Bachelor’s in electrical engineering Degree and 4-8 years of prior relevant experience or Masters in electrical engineering with 2 – 6 years prior relevant experience. Relevant prior experience to support the Unstaffed Infrastructure Sustainment (UIS) program. Project Engineer and/or Resident Engineer with Electrical Engineering Design, and Project Management experience. Knowledge of NAS facilities such as ASR, ATCT, VOR, ARSR, and RCAG. Knowledge of Power Distribution Systems especially redundant/back power systems like Emergency Power generation systems and Power Conditional Systems. Knowledge of lightning protection, grounding, and bonding systems. Knowledge of the National Electric Code (NEC), National Fire Protection Assoc (NFPA) standards, National Airspace System Equipment Tower (NASET), National Airspace System Equipment Building (NASEB), Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), general building construction techniques, codes and standards, Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT), fire detection, security, and site work. Knowledge of OSHA and general construction and electrical safety standards. Essential Job Functions: 1. Provide CI support to the Infrastructure Construction Installation Center in the oversight of the construction and installation of equipment into the National Airspace System (NAS ). a)Participates in Engineering to Construction Hand-Off meeting; this meeting is to ensure coordination with Engineering and is held to hand off project details assigned to the CI. b)Coordinate and participate in Pre- Construction Planning meetings held after the Engineering/Construction Hand-Off meeting to communicate and collaborate on activities among all of the FAA, Airport Authority, and other key stakeholders for projects assigned to the CI. c) Integrated Risk Management Coordination (IRMC) Meeting; responsible for actively participating and escalating to management if the meeting is not scheduled in a timely manner. CI ensures risk scenarios/activities are discussed for every phase of the construction installation project lifespan. Ensures all high-risk scenarios/activities are mitigated as necessary. d) Reviews and concurs or may develop a Cutover Plan from Existing to Temporary System and then back to Permanent System for various systems. i.e., UPS, Engine Generators, and DC Bus Systems. e) Ensures the approved site-specific project drawings, plans, and specifications for construction installation/replacement projects are followed by the candidate in the field for every project assigned to the CI. f) Sets expectations at the beginning of the project such that the candidate knows they must coordinate any changes to the scope, cost, and schedule for the project with the CI. CI then would coordinate with FAA RE/COR. g) Items such as GFM and CFM deliveries and test date results will require CI recommendation for acceptance to the FAA RE/COR. h) Visits the site before construction starts, if necessary, to research the site-specific project data, survey the worksite, begin badging processes, and/or to complete any project-related activities before the beginning of construction. i) Ensures all state, local, and federal FAA standards, construction codes, and ordinances are followed for each project in the field. j) Ensures all FAA and OSHA safety policies and procedures are followed for each project in the field. k) Daily coordination and updates are required to the FAA RE/COR. 2. Document the project in the FAA Weekly Construction Report. FAA Weekly Construction Report is required every seven (7) days and must include: a ) Detailed description of the work performed by the candidate during the project. b) Photo Log to show critical materials, and equipment, and to show the progress of the work c) Weekly project reports must be sent to all key stakeholders via email. 3. Review and understand these project documents before heading to a project in the field: a) Review the Scope of Work and construction transmittal. b) Review completed and approved design drawings, and specifications. c) Operational Risk Management checklists. d) Review the Task Order for a project. e) Review the list of Government-furnished properties. f) Review Airspace case documents if required for that specific project. g) Review Environmental & Safety Compliance Program Project checklists and documentation. h) Procure and review the construction schedule. 4. Will utilize the Project Engineer as a technical resource while on all projects before, during, and after construction has been completed. 5. Recognizes problems in the field, gathers information to research issues/problems in the field, and provides solutions for issues/problems in the field. 6. CI must/will contact the FAA RE/COR for any changes in scope for any phase of the assigned construction and renovation projects (i.e., changes to design drawings, design specs, and task order. 7. CI along with FAA RE/COR will conduct and participate in Joint Acceptance Inspections (JAI) and Candidate Acceptance Inspections (CAI) on all assigned projects and provide recommended resolutions on all items relating to construction and/or engineering. 8. CI is expected to respond to any inquiry or communication in a timely manner. 9. CI provides oversight for safety in the implementation of their specific project. CI will administer Take 5 initiative if an issue/problem endangers the NAS or the safety of employees or candidates. 10. CI is open and respectful to others. CI communicates effectively with all team members and respects the input of others to resolve issues/problems in the field. CI respects the diversity of thought of others. Desired Qualifications: Knowledge of Corporate Work Plan (CWP).
$65,000 - $70,000 Per Year