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$8 - $15 Per Hour
12 days ago
Hello everyone! Craving English is looking for teachers! Are you an English Speaker and are looking to teach online with a tight-knit team? About Us… We are a small online language school based in Latin America. Most of our students are in Costa Rica. Pay rate: $8 - $15 an hour. Job Type: Contract Hours: 4PM-10PM Monday - Thursday / 8AM-12AM Saturday (CST) Minimum: 15 hours per week. Students: We teach both kids and adults in individual, pair, or group classes. Tech Requirements: At least: 2.3ghz CPU/4GB RAM Internet speed: 30mbs download / 20mbs upload Qualifications: English Speaker (C1 or higher in English) Fluent in Spanish TEFL or similar certification At least 1 year of teaching experience Benefits: Be part of a small team with a positive and supportive company culture; work remotely; free Spanish lessons after one month of teaching; weekly workout group session. If this sounds like it’s for you, please submit your application here: Upon submitting your application, you will be prompted to record an introduction video so we can get to know you. Please read the instructions carefully and respond to each question in order to be considered. Recruitment Process: 3-8 minute intro video - that will be requested after completing the form. 30-minute interview 30-minute trial lesson with a student
$8 - $15 Per Hour