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$250 Per Month
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6 months ago
Job Title: Filed Sales Representative Salary: 15,000 to 20,000 Job Location: Telangana Job Type: On-field Experience: Freshers Job Description: Field Sales Executives usually administer sales of products and services by traveling from location to location within a decided territory to meet the probable customers and sell them various products. They are the professionals who generally work for organizations where their job requires them to ensure the widespread distribution and selling of various products and services. A field sales representative travel to locations to advocate supply of products to the customers they have targeted and the ones who they are already dealing with. It also involves operating outside their offices pitching potential clients and to maximise the company’s sales of their products and services. These tasks are often performed over cold calling or knocking all doors or even scheduling all meetings with the customers at the offices. Responsibilities: • Primarily your focus should be on the sale of products and services to probable customers within a specific region. • It is completely different from being a general sales executive because this job role demands you to travel either to find new clients or customers or to maintain relationships with the customers whom you are already working with. • Must contact all the clients and potential customers to discuss their products would meet their requirements. • Arrange meetings with the clients or visit their offices or homes to persuade them to buy a product or subscribe to any service which your company is offering. • Focus should be to increase the sales of the company • Should provide a concise description of the products and services to the customers and drawing attention to the benefits of the available services. • Carry out price negotiations with the customers on behalf of the organization to reach a favourable agreement for both. • Must also carry out a survey to figure out the current trends in the industry such as prices of the products and the demand for it etc. • Must totally focus on increasing the business by making various sales targets and estimating sales targets. • Need to generate business leads for the company which they are working for and prepare and maintain statistical data and provide reports whenever necessary.
$250 Per Month