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1 month ago
The Founding Designer role will be the first Design hire in the company. We believe that great Design shapes what we build and how we approach building, and therefore want to invest in this role on day 1. We want to make Design a core foundation of our company's DNA. This means that you'll never have to justify the importance of Design. As such, you'll play a massive role in shaping the foundation of our product, from core features to our visual identity, how we do things, and team culture. Being part of an early-stage startup, you can expect to be working on many different things. Still, your focus will be to help build and improve a beautiful web3 product for communities. Day to day you'll be working closely with the whole team, but mostly product, marketing, and tech. We take a hypothesis and experimental approach to product discovery and development. We test everything and make decisions based on data and research. We like to ship early and often, without spending too much energy debating the perfect output — let’s test it and see! Yet the first designer has the power to transform the entire trajectory of a startup, shaping everything from how users interact with the product to the branding and creative work that draws in new customers. This position can grow with the company from individual contributor to a more leadership and management role. Here are a few specific things you'll encounter on the regular: - Understanding the user problem in-depth to create the best possible experience. - Deeply collaborate with team members to find design solutions. - UX and UI testing. - Create a compelling visual product experience. - Prototype and test new ideas. - Participating in interviews and supporting product and design hiring decisions. Read more: